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Solnhofen Natural Stone
an exclusive Stone from Bavaria
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The Solnhofen Natural Stone

The Solnhofen Natural Stone

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Solnhofen Natural Stone - an exclusive Stone from Bavaria

The history of the Solnhofen Natural Stone - also called Solnhofen Lime Stone or Solnhofen Plate - began about 150 millions years ago in the era of dinosaurs. In a subtropic sea, stacked lime sediments were formed, which hardened through millions of years and which are extracted today as so called Solnhofen Natural Stone in the quarrying area between Kehlheim and Solnhofen in Bavaria (Germany).

The extraction of the limestone plates requieres a high skill and is hand-crafted only, as it was done a hundred years ago. In current times, which are dominated by artificial products, the Solnhofer Natural Stone with its outstanding biological building qualities contrasts with the mass of artificial stones. Get a piece of pure nature into your house.

The ALSO Natural Stone GmbH, located in the heart of Bavaria, is dedicated completely to the gain, finishing and sale of the Solnhofen Plate. We are pleased to help you with all questions about this fascinating natural stone.

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Fast processing: We will send you a transparent cost estimate with all service items (incl. shipping costs, forwarding, etc.) within 24 hours.
Expert advice: we have decades of experience and can advise you on the special properties and requirements of each natural stone, even after your purchase.
Best quality: We quarry our natural stone products by hand in the quarries in Eichstätt. This ensures you the highest quality and long durability.
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The Company

The ALSO Natural Stone GmbH has been developed in 2004 of the traditional company Alois Schoepfel in Eichstaett. We focus totally on the gain, finishing and sale of the Solnhofen Natural Stone.

Our stones come from our own quarries, which are located in the worldwide known natural stone work area Eichstaett in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. In us you can find a competent partner, who will counsel you in all questions to this fascinating natural stone.

The Solnhofen Natural Stone

The Solnhofen Natural Stone, also called Solnhofen Plate, is a stone of high density and homogeneity. It distinguishes over its naturalness and its excellent edificial biological characteristics (absolute radiation-free in contrary to some granites and slates, no injurious perspirations- so-called fogging- like some artificial stones). Moreover, it is light- and colour-fast, resistable and in breach-rough the stone is step- and slide-secure and is so appropriate for bathrooms.

In current times, which are dominated by artificial products, the Solnhofen Natural Stone with its warm and natural colours contrasts to the mass of artificial stones and cold granites. The Solnhofen Natural Stone - an exclusive stone to feel comfortable with.

The Solnhofen Natural Stone can be delivered in 3 types - machined cutted plates (floor and wall tiles), free natural shapes, so called Crazy Paving and tiles with hand-cut edges.

Quarrying of the Solnhofen Natural Stone

The Solnhofer Natural Stone was already won in roman times. In a great number of excavations, wall and floor-pavements were found in roman buildings, for example in the Weissenburg Therme. At that time as now, this natural stone is only won by hand.

After uncovering the suitable layers, bigger plate-pieces are ushered out by lever and pointed-chop. Then, the packet is split into single plates layer by layer. The experienced quarrymen separate the plates suitable for further process with high quantity of lime from the useless ones which include clay. Afterwards, every single plate is examined for hidden cracks by beating it with a small hammer. A healthy plate has a high, pure tone. Useless material is brought to the slag heap. Only about 20- 25% of the dismantled stone pass the strict quality control of the quarry master. Still in the quarry, the plates are reduced to normalized measures with special hammers and scales. These rawly asserted plates then come to the sawry and grindery, where they are ennobled to a high-quality natural stone.

Usage of the Solnhofen Natural Stone

In the following passage you can see some examples for the application of the natural stone in private as public rooms. The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.